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SYSTEM 21 consultants have each had several years experience as professional change consultants in complex environments. Many of our NHS consultants are also ex-NHS clinicians, from various disciplines including both Acute and Community healthcare. In addition, we have specialist consultants in specific sectors, such as Retail, Automotive, Business modelling and IT. Each project we undertake can be tailored to meet the specific demands of the assignment and we then make up the team using their specialist skills. All our consultants have a degree.

Universally, our staff have solid experience in change management, having delivered all the objectives of a whole project, in the case of a Project Manager, or of a department within an organisation, as a member of a Project Team.

Our consultants also benefit from the decades of experience of our Senior Team which gives them constant access to a vast resource bank of creative ideas, the value of which cannot be underestimated.

In terms of their personal skills, successful change managers need to be able to absorb a lot of information very quickly, be personable and approachable and be able to empathise with client staff. SYSTEM 21 staff have all three of these skills which means they are able to manage the transformation process with dependable ability and with an eye for practical application. We see "potential pitfalls" well in advance and plan ahead with an intuitive perception. The difference this makes is obvious from the start. In contrast, Projects that are managed internally or using inexperienced staff will tend to involve people who learn as they go along resulting to delays or issues of an internal political nature. Without our professionalism and level of experience, a project may take a lot longer to achieve or fall short on its delivery of the planned outcome. SYSTEM 21 has been very willing to complete these Projects to the relief of many of our past clients.

All SYSTEM 21 staff possess the necessary skills for change management and transformation and each member of our consultancy teams has their individual reference history and a long list of personal achievements that inspire confidence in our clients. . Over 3 decades, 100% of SYSTEM 21 Project teams have been successful in achieving all the targets in terms of performance improvement and financial results.

The company is led by Andrew Whiting, CEO and founder of SYSTEM 21.

The dynamic structure we have adopted is extremely flexible and allows for team sizes to be varied dependant on the size of the assignment. On every project there is a full time Project Manager who is responsible for the management of the Project and the delivery of the objectives. He or she coordinates all the activities in the project programme and produces regular weekly reports to ensure communication and confidence in the planned outcome.

We have specialists in the following fields :

    Industry Manufacturing and Distribution - all sectors

    NHS - All Acute services, All Community Care services.

    Infrastructure - Working from Home, TeleHealth, Office space rationalisation

    China - Business links, Sales and Globalisation

    Acquisition and Business Sales

    Retail, Pubs, Catering, Hotels

    Behaviour Change, Training and Culture Transformation

    Restructure and Accountability

    IT - Technology in the workplace.

From the first day of the Analysis we undertake as stage one of our involvement with a new client (see Getting Started), our clients are impressed by the abilities of our staff in terms of understanding of the operation and their engagement with staff. If required, we provide CV's and credentials for all the consultants in the proposed Team. This is made available before the start of each assignment. as something that clients should ask for before they engage any company wishing to work with them on a transformation project.

Our project team is carefully selected to ensure the total success of our client's project. As a result we have maintained a 100% track record of successful projects for our clients 30 years. This is THE most valuable ingredient in a change programme and should be the top of the list when it comes to choosing a "partner" in a transformation Project that intends to deliver the full financial result.

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Services Overview

Professional change management and transformation services, including full implementation of all recommendations. SYSTEM 21 has an enviable track record of 100% successsful projects.

  • - Profit improvement with full implementation
  • - Busioness diagnostics and transformation
  • - Change Project Management

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