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SYSTEM 21 has a long and illustrious history of working in Business and Industry. More recently we have also been incredibly successful in the NHS. Our methods have delivered 100% of the project objectives on every assignment we have ever worked on.

Over 30 years we have adapted with our clients to deliver increasingly innovative solutions that enable staff and management to maximise the benefit of technology and Internet solutions, whilst maintaining the key elements of "Control and Accountability" within the organisation.

We also aim to reduce the negative impact on a company from events beyond its control. Being able to react to short, medium and long term changes in the environment is an essential requirement if the business is to maintain bottom line profit relative to fluctuations or trends in sales demand. In participation with our client management, SYSTEM 21 develops a sophisticated planning and capacity model that will enable managers to switch to alternative strategies to manage sudden change in the external environment. As the business fluctuates in short or long term cycles, management can react to maintain cost ratios in line with budget targets to maintain profitability.

Companies are made up of people. When change management is required to deliver a strategy plan, or improve efficiency and drive out waste and cost, it is the people within an organisation who transform the initiative into a success.

SYSTEM 21 recognised this 30 years ago and through careful adaptation around technological progress, is able to bring out the best in a company's finest asset ... its staff and management.

When we work on a change programme with our client, our personnel engage with your managers and workforce to ensure they feel "part of the change process". They will learn new techniques, benefit from a transfer of knowledge and skills and ultimately, be responsible for maintaining the significant benefit and improvement in operational performance we will achieve together in the "partnership approach".

SYSTEM 21's methodology has been at the heart of a 100% successful track record.

We can mobilise at short notice to any part of the UK, to any country in Europe, the USA, and Africa.

We have specific industry experts in the fields of Automotive, Airlines, Electrical, Food, Clothing, Building, Distribution, Retail and Healthcare, However, any organisation with people as its prime asset can derive significant financial benefit from our methodology.

The SYSTEM 21 methodology is fully implementive with participation and knowledge transfer

SYSTEM 21 uses several already well known change management techniques and disciplines such as Lean - Logic - BPR (Business process Re-engineering and two further techniques we have developed internally and perfected)

SRA - Shortest route analysis (SYSTEM 21 copyright) and

BDP - Best Demonstrated performance ( SYSTEM 21 copyright).



    System rationalisation

    Cost Reduction

    Operational efficiency

    Business restructure

    Profit Improvement

    Energy Efficiency / Green Working

    ISO 9000

    Environmental Projects

There is much more detail available, as well as a large number of case studies in other areas of this site.



SYSTEM 21 is a registered Trade Mark

SYSTEM 21 is ISO 9001 Accredited (British Standards Institute)

All text and examples are copyright SYSTEM 21 and may not be copied or reproduced without prior written permission .

Services Overview

Professional change management and transformation services, including full implementation of all recommendations. SYSTEM 21 has an enviable track record of 100% successsful projects.

  • - Profit improvement with full implementation
  • - Busioness diagnostics and transformation
  • - Change Project Management

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