SYSTEM 21 works in partnership with the NHS to deliver recurring annual cost savings and performance improvement, through a positive approach with staff that includes full implementation of the changes that will generate the full savings plan. We do this without needing redundancies.

We have delivered significant savings in both Hospitals and Community Care.

The aim of a Project is to accelerate the current Cost Saving initiatives (CIP / QIPP ) and add to the savings initiatives and ongoing projects already running. As a result of our strong background in working with businesses all over the World we can offer the NHS the assistance needed to deliver real and positive change. This results in improved patient care, better planning, reduced waiting times and greater levels of productivity from efficiency, rather than just making people work harder.

From the initial Analysis, we can identify the “full” potential savings possible in each individual area   We then schedule the delivery of these savings in “current year” with a strategy document in place to grow these savings further in years two and three.  This means additional fully recurring savings with minimal additional intervention.

All our staff are experienced change consultants who have worked on NHS cost saving projects throughout the UK.  What makes us different is that we manage the implementation, rather than just write a report with “recommendations”.

Having worked for several years in partnership with NHS in both Acute and Community Care, we have been able to tailor the benefits of our skills specifically to the NHS.   The key elements of our approach provide exactly what is needed to work through a detailed implementation alongside your departmental staff and at the same time, demonstrate visible, measured “value for money” and control over each incremental stage of the project. :

    Business Continuity Planning - We develop your Business Continuity Plan for ratification by NHS England. A report and action plan summary and risk assessment showing how the Trust will manage the impact of external events, with financials.

    Accelerate current cost saving initiatives and add on the savings we identified and provide the basis for the next two to five years of recurring cost savings. We help you deliver your targets without reducing front line care.

    We have a track record of covering more than our total fee cost with equivalent annualised savings (with a 1:1 guarantee that the minimum achieved will equate with the fees invested in the project)

    Expect to deliver between 3 times and 6 times the fee in recurring savings

    Full time team to work with staff through the full implementation

    Provide advice on models / data / methods that we know will work

    Ensure that all changes are agreed with and have the backing of clinical staff

    Positively impact the  patient experience through operational improvement and behaviour change.

    Savings proposed will not require forced redundancies or CAPEX


Our Analysis process uses a sampling technique to produce detailed calculations of the potential savings from our methods.  The presentation that follows is an evidence based set of studies to demonstrate  where and how we can make these savings together and how long it will take to deliver.

SYSTEM 21 has never yet been a net cost in any organisation we have ever worked for.  Our aim is to identify and deliver significantly more savings than our fee cost and to ensure those savings are practical and realisable going forward.

Towards the end of the project completion, we develop a full set of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that relate to “operational effectiveness” in addition to the financial reports that normally indicate only the variance against establishment target costs.  For example, the KPI data would show the effectiveness of capacity planning for each area in a hospital, or each team in Community Healthcare, detailing staff utilisation and “unit cost”per patient treatment vs target and standard.

This information is absolutely crucial for CCG's to be able to make the right choice and to safeguard services to remain within the NHS. Using this key data, linked to the cost reduction programmes we have developed with clinical staff for the next five years, the CCG can confidently predict the cost per patient and therefore determine the budget spend more accurately.


SYSTEM 21 has developed a methodology that delivers the fully implemented and working solution.  Identification of Best Demonstrated Performance (BDP) reveals what “can be achieved”.  This is a non-confrontational approach with staff because the targets we all agree have already been achieved. The aim of the project is to repeat this performance more consistently, through better control and improved planning techniques.

Our work in Healthcare is targeted at more effective planning and communications methods to the benefit of the patient. Use of BDP “Demonstrated Best Performance” (BDP) is challenging but unconfrontational to staff.

BDP makes the perfect example for staff to realise that they can deliver increased performance.  All we have to do is to plan, communicate the plan, measure how we did and make further improvements. We implement the planning and management system that will enable them to repeatedly deliver this increased performance and to reduce cost.

Better planning and improved communication translates as fewer cancellations, better use of fixed resource, such as Theatre Utilisation, and staff rosters that are balanced against patient footfall and levels of activity required.

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Professional change management and transformation services, including full implementation of all recommendations. SYSTEM 21 has an enviable track record of 100% successsful projects.

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