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We are always looking for exceptional professionals to join our team of consultancy staff and change experts.. To be considered you will need to have spent several years in change management or behaviour training and have a degree or an equivalent Internationally recognised qualification. Please send in your CV with a written description of several change or transformation projects you have been involved with, including a summary of the results achieved. You will also be asked for references at a later stage.


We take on ex NHS Clinicians and managers as change consultants and advisors. To apply, please send in your CV and a description of change programmes and other projects that you were involved with, including the results achieved.


If you are finishing your degree in the next 12 months and want to join the world of change management, plase apply giving details of your full education history, with grades and tell us why you are interested in this field.


We have a limited number of student placement for Work Experience opportunities. Please apply in your own handwriting by letter, giving details of your education history and grades achieved.

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Services Overview

Professional change management and transformation services, including full implementation of all recommendations. SYSTEM 21 has an enviable track record of 100% successsful projects.

  • - Profit improvement with full implementation
  • - Busioness diagnostics and transformation
  • - Change Project Management

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To contact us please fill out a general enquiry on the Contact page, phone or email or text as below.

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