This is the ratio between inputs and outputs and is the measure of "efficiency" in a business or organisation. A company with lower costs than another, relative to the sales or output, is said to be "the more efficient" of the two..

"Anyone can design a system but it takes skill to make it neat" .Andrew Whiting CEO - SYSTEM 21

Management and staff are all capable of designing systems, processes and reports for their own areas and for the business as a whole. However, when SYSTEM 21 makes a review of these systems we often find that, although they were perhaps initially "fit for purpose" current systems in use may have morphed into less efficient processes, often with far more steps than necessary and therefore requiring greater cost to operate.

It takes a rare ability to recognise when steps are "excessive" and where the control elements are lacking. SYSTEM 21 staff have the understanding and experience to recognise these opportunities for improvement. Our Projects then involve client staff in the design of revised, minimal step processes that maximise control and "incorporate" the KPIs for reporting as part of normal business activity. This is a major contributor to greater productivity and reduction of cost relative to volume.

Productivity issues run through the whole business and there are many other reasons why a business can operate with lower costs than another, with the same sales or output.

Planning is also key. In a World where volatility is commonplace, it is essential to be able to meet short term fluctuations in resource or volume, with rapid changes in the cost structure, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. SYSTEM 21 works with managers and staff to design contingency plans and business tools that allow for rapid "reaction" to an adverse situation. The cost saving implications are huge, offering protection for the business relative to its budget objectives and security for the workforce in the longer term.

Productivity should be high on the list of "continually assessed" elements of a successful organisation.


  • Planning and Control of Resources
  • Fewer process steps
  • Daily Work Plans
  • Capacity scheduling
  • Effective meetings
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

SYSTEM 21 staff are able to implement experienced and work through a clever methodology. We initially map out the current control systems with your staff and then help them to visualise a more efficient, leaner solution, whether it be in manufacturing, services or healthcare. The principles are always the same.... "How can we do this job more efficiently, using less time and therefore reducing the cost ?"

Our Assessment Services include :

    Measurement of current Efficiency

    Lost Time Analysis

    Assessment of Productivity Potential - Operational and Financial

    Review of Lean / BPR application

    Planning for Productivity

    Measurement and Reporting

    Setting Annual Savings Targets- over 10% and often over 20%

We break down the task list into manageable elements that are worked on simultaneously to deliver a seamless, more efficient series of processes that integrate with IT and which, most importantly, provide the KPI data at each stage in the process.

If individuals are going to change their behaviour to become more efficient, or react faster, or do less "rework", they need to see their performance on a daily and weekly timescale so they can make their own adjustments. The art of "embedding" this accessible data into daily work patterns and communications is a core element of SYSTEM 21's reputation and success.

SYSTEM 21 provides an expertise that is rumoured to be unique

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Services Overview

Professional change management and transformation services, including full implementation of all recommendations. SYSTEM 21 has an enviable track record of 100% successsful projects.

  • - Profit improvement with full implementation
  • - Busioness diagnostics and transformation
  • - Change Project Management

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