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All organisations are made up of processes that channel the communication of data, action, control and reporting.

Processes are often "neglected" for years, resulting in poor communication, errors, rework, declining customer service levels, complaints, cancellations and excessive reliance of individuals who become overworked and demotivated. The importance of having neat, simple processes cannot be underestimated and we recognise this as the most likely symptom of an underperforming department or organisation. The other significant factor is "Accountability". If processes are poor, accountability is also a discussion over "shades of grey", which in turn drives up cost and leads to demotivation and "blame".

"Holes", or "gaps" in systems are as common as "too much" information. We have seen organisations with a huge number of steps in their processes but which still lacked the necessary control points to hold anyone accountable for action. We have literally hundreds of examples of systems and processes that despite their complexity, add nothing to the business in terms of accuracy or error reduction. Long systems are costly and result in long lead times to process.

Our experience over 30 years indicates that an organisation with poorly designed or outdated systems and procedures is potentially carrying over 25% more cost than an organisation that has gone through our Project Transformation.

Our methodology is simple and we teach your staff and management to maintain their departmental systems long after the end of each project. System 21 is able to take the existing process and return it to it's originally intended simplicity. This shortens the lead times, adds control and accountability where required and improves planning and communication throughout the entire operation.

We focus on the following :

    Analysis of Process and Procedure

    Process Mapping

    Communications Mapping

    Data trandfer Analysis

    Integration of IT systems

    Rationalisation of paperwork and legacy systems

    Effective Reporting and Development of KPIs

    Responsibility and Accountability

    Skills Transfer and Training


Group of retail banks were all expected to use the same operating procedure for a group of transactions relating to mortgage applications. However, 50% of the branch costs were significantly higher than the rest despite using the "same procedures". We analysed the processes and found that these branches had varied the prescribed process at steps 21 through to 28, adding cost to the process. These steps were reviewed and found to protect the bank from future liability. As a result of the project, the total number of steps was reduced by a third even though the key points relating to liability were then included in the new system. The financial saving was significant


We analysed the "patient booking procedure" at one of the London NHS Trusts and documented over 75 individual steps just to book a patient from GP referral through to Care in the Community home treatment plans. Much of it was "legacy" systems with a lot of duplication but at no point, despite its length, was there any way to measure where and by how long patient booking time was being extended. The process was redesigned to fit with new Single Point of Access call centre and waiting times between referral and appointment were subsequently reduced. The Patient experience was significantly enhanced and the GP clusters reported a drop in complaints back to surgery over delays in booking the first appointment.


In a major food warehouse and distribution business supplying supermarkets throughout the UK, the planning of labour hours had been recognised as "mis-matched" against demand levels. This meant too few or too many staff relative to peaks and troughs in the demand pattern. The forecasting process was mapped out and several points identified where data that was available, was either not used to full benefit, or was included too late in the calculations. A streamlined new procedure was developed with staff to include historic short term demand patterns in the calculation and the labour variance reduced to + / - 3% against all peaks and troughs. The savings were over £ 11.0m per annum..

SYSTEM 21 provides an expertise that is rumoured to be unique

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