How do we operate ?

Who is SYSTEM 21 ?

We are an independent Change and Transformation Consultancy. We bring to our clients years of productive experience totally focused on designing and managing internal improvement programmes for major Businesses and for the NHS in the UK..

We have no obligations to any vendor or service provider of information technology or management tools. Our recommendations are always impartial and aligned to our clients’ strategic objectives.

People are the most important asset in every organisation and successful "transformation" to deliver positive change requires the participation of its staff and management, from the identification of opportunity, to the full delivery of the project objectives.

We work alongside groups and individuals in the workplace from Ground Level to the Board Room, to bring about sustained improvement in a well-designed, well-planned, structured and effective manner. There is no mystery and no magic. Our consultants have a hands-on, pragmatic and creative style that engenders the support of even those who are initially negative about change. Invariably we leave behind a stronger, more knowledgeable, capable and a more confident workforce, secure in the knowledge that all those good ideas they had that seemed to get nowhere, have finally been implemented and that they played a major part in that process. Being self aware of personal performance is the key to sustaining the results achieved and this methodology leads to significant savings.

"We empower individuals to make improvements for themselves in the organisations they work in" - Andrew Whiting - CEO - SYSTEM 21

Our consultants have significant experience in Lean techniques, process re-engineering (BPR) and business improvement. We have strong skills in managing change, organisational development, HR, information technology, finance, accounting and logistics. In addition we offer a substantial depth of project management expertise. These attributes are precisely those required to make lasting and sustainable operational change in any business and in the NHS in the UK.

Where does SYSTEM 21 work ?

Over the last 30 years we have worked all over the UK, Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. Our clients cover a broad base of industries, including utilities, telecommunications, mining, airlines, banking & financial services, manufacturing, engineering, leisure services, automotive, retail and most recently, in the NHS in the UK. Our work in the NHS includes many successful cost saving and performance improvement Projects in Hospitals and in Community Care.

How can we help ?

SYSTEM 21 reduces the risk associated with implementing business improvement programmes. Firstly by developing a strong business case for operational transformation based on what the people in the workplace have to say.   We then proceed by implementing a detailed action plan in precisely the right sequence and at the right pace.  A key strength is our ability to take an integrated approach to process, people and technology. Many consulting firms claim to provide these individual services. Few have the capacity to package them into a single programme. We do.! And we have a long record of successes to prove it.

Every assignment we undertake is measureable. Realistic expectations are established up front, with clearly-defined performance and financial targets. Costs and benefits are agreed, along with the criteria by which improvements will be measured and the timeframe in which they will happen.

For decades, across four continents, SYSTEM 21 has helped clients to transform the strategy and vision of senior management into measurable and sustainable business improvement. These improvements are not short-lived. In addition to bringing rapid business and financial gains, we deliver long term benefits; embedding the world’s best improvement processes and skills into our clients’ operations. These elements provide both the resource and the expertise to maintain the momentum of change ; the ingredients that enable our clients to keep improving.

I expect my people to do all these things, so why bring someone else in ?

Most organisations have the people in place to support their operational improvement ambitions. We work with those individuals, enhancing the systems they use and and their skills, filling the gaps where necessary. Our expertise is not just in identifying problems and designing creative solutions, but in making those solutions work - often in sensitive and difficult organisational and cultural environments. We are particularly adept at tackling difficult assignments; working with staff where the easiest savings have already been made and where the next target appears to be "inaccessible" using the same old techniques that by then seem to have become ineffective. It needs new thinking, more creativity and another burst of enthusiasm.

Identify the case for change

Every person working in a business or organisation has a view on how to improve services or reduce waste. However, the structure of most companies and organisations actually reduces the likelihood that "recognised" need for change at the level of service delivery will turn into actual transformation driven from the top.

Here are just a couple of observations we have made in recent years that illuminate the need to engage staff and management in a more efficient, more challenging way of working. Combining overall "strategy planning" with this natural groundswell to make improvents witihn the work space is the most powerful methodology for successful change and lasting transformation.

Rationalisation of processes :

Systems and processes become "stale" over time and an excellent indicator of when this has happened is where the organisation has come to rely on a small number of key "individuals" to keep things working. Of course, there are always exceptional individuals in every organisation but over-reliance on certain people is not a very fair allocation of activity. The danger is that "things stop happening" when these key staff are off work ill, or on holiday. This is when the communication process has become dependant on individual input, or "personalised" and it is definitely time to act.

Data flow and Communication :

Another good example is the over use of "spreadsheets". No problem with spreadsheets, but when a department takes in data from another area and progresses the information through their own spreadsheets, it really is time to look at the whole process to improve total operational efficiency.

SYSTEM 21 aims to deliver significantly more savings than the fee invested.

This is why SYSTEM 21 is able to help any organisation to harness the knowledge of the people who know. The workforce !

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Professional change management and transformation services, including full implementation of all recommendations. SYSTEM 21 has an enviable track record of 100% successsful projects.

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