You know there are savings ....

You know your organisation is capable of greater levels of performance. You also know there are savings that can be made.

Or, you may be thinking that certain "initiatives" are taking too long to deliver on the targets and promises.

Perhaps staff are struggling with the complexity, internal politics or simply a lack of resource.


We provide consistently excellent results and our Projects include the full implementation of all agreed recommendations with your staff and management. SYSTEM 21 is able to transform the working of departments and organisations so they are better integrated and more efficient.

Getting started is easy and we come to you.

First - Call our office and one of our Senior specialists will visit you to talk through your issues and objectives. At this stage it is often possible to provide an initial indication of the potential savings, costs and performance improvement you should expect from one of our Projects.

We will discuss the specific issues for your business or organisation and then together, we plan the next stage of the initial Diagnostic Analysis which will determine the detailed scope of the Implementation Project and properly measure the Potential Savings you can expect.

Getting started ...

Initial Meeting -  Initial meeting and discussion is free to discuss the size and spread of the operation. 

Analysis -  This stage will identify the full potential savings from our statistical model and normally takes between one and two calendar weeks to complete, mainly as a desktop exercise using data that can be provided from available data and observation.   At the end of week 1, there is a short presentation of the initial findings and then a Final Presentation and Proposal at the end of week 2.  The methodology is statistical in its approach, tempered by on the floor detail supplied by managers and from observations at unit level.  The statistical element identifies the potential performance achievable based on “best demonstrated performance achieved”. This is then discussed with management and staff to derive a realistic performance improvement expectation for the Project.  SYSTEM 21 has a 100% success history with this methodology.

Evidence based Proposal - The Final Presentation and Project Proposal includes all the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding the viability of the Implementation programme. All presentation data is based on actual evidence, statistical and operational, from the Business Review stage. The Project proposal will project a minimum of 3:1 savings to fees covered by a 1:1 guarantee in certain cases *.  The track record of actual savings is 10 times the fee invested.

This is why the SYSTEM 21 methodology is built around openness, participation and the agreement of staff. If a person has contributed to the design of a control method, or to a new procedure, they are far more likely to follow it and see that it is followed than if they are simply told that it is "company policy". We believe in "positive reinforcement" as the most powerful catalyst to change.

Process mapping is another important element. In the first few weeks of involvement with a new client, we make a review of the key processes within the scope area of the project. Processes can become inefficient over many years of "tweaking" and as a result, become outdated and cumbersome to work with. If they rely on "individuals" to make things happen they are clearly no longer working for the organisation and need to be reviewed and updated. The streamlining of key processes using "lean" techniques will shorten the number of steps involved, transform operating performance and deliver a more cost effective transfer of data and communications. Together with your staff, our methods will formalise key procedures and processes so that they become standardised with a clear set of steps that are explained.

The Implementation involves a significant transfer of skills to your staff and managers. Improved planning systems, from macro capacity planning of a department for a more challenging annual budget, through to the scheduling of activities by day. These techniques are strongly embedded in our "participative" methodology, to increase the sense of staff ownership of change for the better.

Typical project returns are significant. On average projects deliver over 6 :1, ROI in year one, with growth in year two and beyond. Multi location projects can deliver returns as high as 15:1. However, each project is uniquely tailored to what we find, relative to your objectives.

* Guarantee in certain cases - Where there are cost reductions identified to come out of the proposed Implementation Programme, SYSTEM 21 will underwrite the Project fee with our guarantee, whereby the minimum annualised savings projected from the Project period will be not less that 1:1 relative to the fee paid. The applicability of this offer is made on an individual project basis and an indication can be made during the initial meeting, subject to confirmation by the Analysis findings and further undertakings by both parties..

SYSTEM 21 provides an expertise that is rumoured to be unique

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Professional change management and transformation services, including full implementation of all recommendations. SYSTEM 21 has an enviable track record of 100% successsful projects.

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