Positive Behaviour Change

"SYSTEM 21 staff seem to have an amazing ability to turn ordinary people into superstars" CEO of a NHS Health Trust 2012.

Our methodology is totally "participative" meaning that our skills are transferred to client management and staff throughout a Project. These skills are not lost after we have completed the Project involvement. . In our experience and as reported by our past clients, managers and staff who engaged with the Project went on to improve on the benefits obtained during the Project and to spread their enthusiasm further in the organisation. Our methodology is the beginning of a process of "Continuous Improvement"

Staff retain this knowledge forever and go on to build a better organisation and to design leaner and more efficient working practices.


Over many years our approach has been built on subtle psychological elements that are all geared towards ensuring the participation and engagement of our client staff in the Transformation or Improvement Programme. We use all the following techniques :

    Engagement with staff at all levels - Workforce, Managers and Directors

    Open Information and Staff briefings

    Project Implementation teams ( PIT Teams)

    Staff Participation and recognised contribution throughout the Project

    Transfer of Skills and Knowledge

    Detailed and General Management Training

    Training Workshops

    Support throughout the Implementation process

    Train the Trainer Sessions - Identification of management "Champions"

    Management Coaching

    Detailed Project Procedure Manuals

By the end of a SYSTEM 21 project the Project Implementation Team (PIT) members will have been “trained” and coached in all aspects of the Project programme from development to full implementation and follow up, which means they can become the “champions”, for their areas. The result is greater accountability and rapid brain storming solutions when there are issues or amendments to be dealt with.

The methodology we use ensures proper understanding and knowledge transfer of every aspect of the project programme to our clients' staff and management.  We complete the cycle with a ‘Train the Trainer’ approach to ensure that there is a legacy retained by the organisation. Any successful tools and approaches used in the engagement and communications stages will be retained by our client's staff forming a ‘Toolkit’ or resource bank on knowledge to help them overcome challenges and to improve operational efficiency in the foreseeable future.


In addition to the knowledge transfer, all changes to the processes, operating and control systems, meeting agenda, and all supporting information, will be written into a comprehensive manual with flow charts, including version control that is then managed by two or more individuals nominated from your own PIT Team leaders. 

We provide digital and hard copies of all planning tools, report formats and data used in the development and implementation of the system changes that will deliver your operational transformation..  .

SYSTEM 21 has 30 years of experience of change management in hundreds of blue chip companies throughout the UK, Europe and the US.  In the last decade we have also delivered projects with 100% success in the NHS in the UK in both Acute and Community Care Provider Trusts.

The techniques we use remove "non value added" activities and processes and ensure optimised communications and streamlined processes linked to sophisticated capacity modelling tools. Projected cost savings can also be simulated “in advance” of their physical application.

We have a track record of 100% successful projects since 1983 and many times we have delivered significantly higher returns than originally planned, with some projects exceeding 20 times the fee invested measured as recurring annualised financial savings.

Our specialisation has always been the professional implementation of change in any organisation.  

"You can't make people change, they have to want to" - Andrew Whiting (CEO)

Our clients often say that the most impressive result of our projects is the way in which individuals who we thought would underperform, surprise them by becoming the superstars of positive change.

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Professional change management and transformation services, including full implementation of all recommendations. SYSTEM 21 has an enviable track record of 100% successsful projects.

  • - Profit improvement with full implementation
  • - Busioness diagnostics and transformation
  • - Change Project Management

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